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Color Season Episodes Toonami Premiere Toonami Finale
1 26 November 5, 2001 December 14, 2001

Season 1 (2001)


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1 "Commence Battle - Attack Liger Zero" January 6, 2001 December 3, 2001[1] Tigers Team
After causing The Blitz Team's match against the Tigers Team to be postponed, and subsequently causing the injury to Leon Toros, Bit Cloud is forcibly detained by the Blitz Team. He is freed by the Liger Zero, which moves by itself and severs his ropes, allowing Bit into the cockpit, giving him the opportunity to pilot it away. At the re-scheduled battle against The Tigers Team, Bit Cloud and the Liger Zero appear and help The Blitz Team to victory. Bit then joins the team to pay off his debt.
2 "New Partners vs. Naomi the Red Comet" January 13, 2001 December 4, 2001[2] Fluegel Team
The Blitz Team Battles Naomi Fluegel and The Fluegel Team.
3 "The Prince Arrives - Harry Champ" January 20, 2001 December 5, 2001[3] Champ Team
After a misunderstanding causes Harry Champ to become Jealous of Bit. The Blitz Team is challenged to a duel by Harry and The Champ Team.
4 "Unsanctioned Battle - The Mysterious Backdraft Group" January 27, 2001 December 14, 2001[4] Backdraft Group
After Leena is kidnapped by The Backdraft Group, The Blitz Team is forced into an unsanctioned battle to free her.
5 "High Speed Battle - Transforming into Zero Jager" February 3, 2001 December 6, 2001[5] Champ Team
The Blitz Team is challenged by The Champ Team, with gun-for-hire Jack Cisco and his Lightning Saix.
6 "The Dark Giant - The Invincible Elephander" February 10, 2001 December 10, 2001[6] Backdraft Group
The Blitz Team is forced into a battle against a mysterious new zoid owned by the Backdraft Group.
7 "The Desert Gang - The Hovercargo's in Danger" February 17, 2001 December 11, 2001[7] Sand Stingrays
In Romeo City, The Blitz Team stops to pick up Leena's new Zoid. While there, they run into Naomi Fluegel, who helps them capture a couple of Sand Stingrays. The Sand Stingray Gang, then come after the group seeking revenge.
8 "Invasion of the Fierce Tigers - Transform to Zero Schneider" February 24, 2001 December 12, 2001[8] Tigers Team
The Tigers Team, allied with Dr. Laon, challenge the Blitz Team seeking revenge.
9 "The Princess Arrives - Mary Champ" March 3, 2001 December 13, 2001[9] Champ Team
The Champ Team, led by Harry's sister Mary, challenges the Blitz Team for ownership of the Liger Zero.
10 "Desert Tusk - Assault of the War Sharks" March 10, 2001 December 14, 2001[4] Fuma Team
The Blitz Team is forced into a non-sanctioned battle against the Fuma Team, who is backed by the Backdraft Group.
11 "The Sensational Three - Rematch with Jack Sisco" March 17, 2001 November 5, 2001 Lightning Team
After ascending to Class A, The Blitz Team battles the Lightning Team led by Jack Cisco, during the Zoid Trials.
12 "Zero is Stolen - The Fiery Battle" March 24, 2001 November 6, 2001 Backdraft Group
After a battle with the Champ Team, the Liger Zero is stolen by the Backdraft Group. Bit is then also captured and is forced to battle The Elephander, while piloting the Liger Zero.
13 "The Brave Wild Eagle - The Raynos vs. The Zabat" March 31, 2001 November 7, 2001 Backdraft Group
During a battle with the Backdraft Group Jamie's alter-ego, The Wild Eagle, is awakened.
14 "Frightday the 13th - Ready Ahhh" April 7, 2001 November 8, 2001 Chainsaw Man
After being told her Zoid would be destroyed by The Chainsaw Man, a distraught Leena is attacked by a foe she can't defeat.
15 "Laon Returns - Anti-gravity Catastrophy" April 14, 2001 November 12, 2001 Dr. Laon
Dr. Laon kidnaps Leena and challenges the Blitz Team to a battle.
16 "The Red Rival - Leon Toros Returns" April 21, 2001 November 13, 2001 Fluegel Team
The Blitz Team is challenged by Naomi Fluegel and her new partner Leon Toros.
17 "Warriors on Vacation - The Storm Sworders" April 28, 2001 November 14, 2001 Backdraft Group
Dr. Laon teams up with the Backdraft Group to take down the Blitz Team.
18 "Love on the Battlefield - My Love, the Judge" May 5, 2001 November 15, 2001 Champ Team
The Blitz Team and Harry Champ try to help The Champ Team's Sebastian in his pursuit of a judge that he is in love with.
19 "The Third Conversion - Zero Panzer's Debut" May 12, 2001 November 19, 2001 Stoller
Stoller leaves the Backdraft Group to face Bit in an honorable duel. Bit agrees to the duel and uses the Panzer Unit to defeat Stoller.
20 "The Shadow Fox - Brad's Betrayal" May 19, 2001 November 20, 2001 Backdraft Group
After Brad's Command Wolf is defeated, he steals Dr. Laon's newest invention, The Shadow Fox. Dr. Laon then agrees to give the Shadow Fox to Brad if he joins the Backdraft Group and battles the Blitz Team.
21 "Harry's Disaster - Dr. Layon Traps Toros" May 26, 2001 November 21, 2001 Fuma Team
The Blitz Team battles the Fuma Team, backed by Dr. Laon.
22 "The Dragon Under the Sea - In Search of the Ultimate X" June 2, 2001 November 22, 2001 Backdraft Group
The Backdraft Group fervently searches at the bottom of the ocean for the Ultimate X Zoid, while the Blitz Team enjoys the beach. At the beach Bit meets a young boy named Vega.
23 "The Dragon Awakens - The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray" June 9, 2001 November 26, 2001 Backdraft Group
The Blitz Team battles the Lightning Team until the Backdraft Group hijacks the match and uses it as a test for Vega and the Berserk Fury.
24 "The Tournament of Heroes - The Royal Cup" June 16, 2001 November 27, 2001 Lightning Team
The Royal Cup begins and the Backdraft Group sets in motion their plan to take down the Zoids Battle Commission.
25 "Survival - The Mystery of the Ultimate X" June 23, 2001 November 28, 2001 Fluegel Team
Jamie (The Wild Eagle) and Leena battle Vega while Bit and Brad take on the Fluegel Team.
26 "The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, the Cloud, and Adventure" June 30, 2001 November 29, 2001 Vega
With only Bit, Brad, and Vega left in The Royal Cup, the stage for the climactic fight between the Berserk Fury and the Liger Zero is set.


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